Forbes of Kingennie Wedding Photography in Dundee


Elise and Mathews Winter wedding at Forbes of Kingennie

I’ve made some life long friends through being a photographer and to be asked to photograph Elise and Matts wedding was just lovely. I think my favourite thing about weddings is when the Bride and Groom wear their hearts on their sleeves – just being themselves throughout the day from early morning preparations to the dancing at night.

I met up with Elise and Matt at St. Andrews church, Arbroath at their rehearsals, the night before, which is a great way to just visit the church and conduct a walk through of the service and adjust to any finer details within the plan. Elise and Matt’s wedding was everything a wedding should be – two young people so crazy about each other and enjoying every single moment.

One of the things I love about Forbes of Kingennie is the Leannan Boat House, even on this winter day it’s a lovely backdrop to the Bride and Groom portraits.

Arriving at Elise’s mum’s house, which over looks the sea front in Arbroath the traditional flags where on display. A few shots of Elise’s and the girls preparing and some of the finer details, which make the day so special where, captured.

Arriving in style from Chauffeurs of Carnoustie the Groom and the boys welcomed guests to St. Andrews Church before Elise and her Dad arrived in the Royal Winsor vintage car.

A lovely ceremony was conducted by Rev Martin Fair, before the bridal party and friends and family headed of to Forbes of Kingennie near Dundee for their reception. The children and most of the adults indulged in many treats from the sweet carousel  designed by One stop celebration, before the speeches commenced. The party started with the Apollos playing Wedding Dress for their first dance.




Venue: Forbes of Kingennie –

Cars: Chauffeurs of Carnoustie –

Flowers: Artisan dried flowers –

Dress: Doreen Smith of Carnoustie – Email:

Kilts: Slaters –

Band: The Appollos –


Derek Ramage is an experienced Arbroath wedding photographer, his relaxed approach and style is almost unique in Scotland today. Natural, fun and emotional photographs mixed with the classic, contemporary and photojournalistic style, resulting in beautiful images that are timeless.

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Zara and Steven have their wonderful Dundee wedding at Forbes of Kingennie

I have known Steven and Zara for a few years now and they are a wonderful couple, so right for each other is an understatement. They chose Dundee’s wedding venue Forbes of Kingennie for their wedding service which was conducted in their newly furbished purpose built wedding service room. The bridal party who stayed the night before at the lodges gave  Steven and the boys the chance to squeeze in a round of 9 holes of golf on the morning.

As a Dundee wedding photographer, I prefer to provide a full day service starting early to record the full day. An early morning start at the venues lodges gave me time to catch the girls getting ready and prepare with make up and all the details that are important at the beginning of their day. Zara looked absolutely stunning arriving in her Rosetta Nicolini, wedding dress as the bridal party arrived and their wedding service was so heart warming with readings from their son. A beautiful piece of music set the scene from harpist Eden.

The amount of attention to detail on this wedding was stunning, their wedding guests arrived in a classic 1946 Daimler double decker bus hired from Tayside vintage buses. The table decorations, flowers by stucio and waow and added gifts for everyone on the tables was such a special touch and great to see a different theme to a wonderful wedding. Zara and Steven’s wedding cake was beautifully made by Carol Lamont and she decorated it with a golfing theme which made such a laugh.

It was also great for me to meet Steven and Zara’s family as well as old faces and dear friends of mine.

It was hard not to laugh at the Best mans speeches while I worked away concentrating on the capture of laughs tears of joy and smiles from the top table and guests.

Their wedding celebration continued at the venue with modern tunes from a guitarist who welcomed the guests in as I took Zara and Steven for romantic portraits at the boating house.

Evening reception continued into the late hours entertained by Superhouse, a modern wedding band from Edinburgh. The faces from joy and celebrating their day was captured on the dance floor.

Steven and Zara it was an absolute pleasure to be your photographer on your special day and a big thank you for your kind gift for being your wedding photographer on such a special day as yours. It will be a joy to design their stunning Bellissimo Wedding Album for them once their back from their honeymoon in Spain.

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Venue: Dundee, Forbes of Kingennie Golf and Fishing resort

Band: SuperHouse

Flowers: Stucio and waow.

Cake: Carol Lamont.

Guitarist: Cambo Music.




Lucy and Nick’s Dundee Wedding at Forbes of Kingennie.

As an Arbroath & Dundee wedding photographer, I was recently lucky enough to be commissioned by Nick and Lucy (Loopy to her friends) to photograph their wedding at the Forbes of Kingennie Golf and Fishing venue and what a fairytale event it was to. Its worth saying from the very first time we met which was well over 18 months ago from their wedding date, that they new that with my military planning and their wonderful vision and style of what they had set out in their wedding details, that they were the perfect client.

Their engagement shoot, which was conducted earlier this year, was just about setting the scene for their wedding day portraits.

Nick and Lucy got ready only meters apart, as their houses were right next door from each other, but the tea and buns and Champaign were flowing far better in Lucy’s mums house.

The day started as always with the girls getting ready and make up application.

The wedding day was the vision of Nick and Lucy but the venue was beautifully decorated by the talented Billy and Elaine from WDB Flowers and Events. Function Manager Louise was on hand to give professional help and coordinate the day as it folded.

It has to be said that Lucy looked breathtakingly beautiful and her Ronald Joyce (Rosalinda) dress looked just divine. I knew Nick would be rocked when he saw Lucy walk down the isle. Their lovely boys played a fantastic role and where great little helpers carrying the wedding bands. The ceremony was held within the newly furnished section of the hotel and was conducted by Angus register office who are very photographer friendly. The ceremony was emotional for Lucy’s dad John and completed by a lovely reading from chief bridesmaid Hayley.

With a few formal family shots taken at the 9th Green of the golf course and then a short move to The Old Boating house situated close by the specimen pond was the setting for bride and grooms portraits, and the stunning light glimmering over the ponds and through the lush tree canopy. The dancing started soon after the cake cutting and the first dance, which is also one of my favourites, A Thousand years performed by Carbon Copy wedding and function band. I left soon after the dancing started and it looked like it was going to be an awesome party.

I had an amazing time and the images are looking great. Good luck to Mr and Mrs Grant and I wish you every happiness for the future.

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Craig and Heathers Wedding Day

Craig is a serving member of the Royal Navy and based in Plymouth. We had a fantastic day recently for their pre wedding engagement session at the historic Royal William Yard in Plymouth. It was while serving there he met Heather a lovely lass from Canada. The held a small family wedding at the carnegie conference centre in Dunfermline, Fife.  Even although this was a small wedding the emotional and tender speech from the father of the bride (who  traveled all the way from Canada for the celebration) and the party atmosphere was big.

This is how their day unfolded….

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Engagement of Lucy and Nick

Its getting so close to their special day, which is in May at the Forbes of Kingennie Golf and fishing venue near Dundee. Lucy and Nick contacted me over a year ago to discuss their wedding day plans and their photography requirements.

What a couple they are ! Its great to see the excitement and fun in their eyes and how they show so much love for one another with their laughter and joy together.

I invited them to their chosen venue where we can build on friendship and discuss ideas for their big day in a relaxed manner and look at locations where their bride and groom portraits together would look great. This gave me time to show them some new lighting equipment and go through some poses together. The fly fishermen were out in force and nearly hooked up more than fish that day….

With a backdrop of the old boat house which adds as a focal point for these portraits and will be used by the couple on their wedding night.

Here’s what we got unto this week….

Lucy and Nick-WEB VERSION 7053Lucy and Nick-WEB VERSION 7056Lucy and Nick-WEB VERSION 8000Lucy and Nick-WEB VERSION 8001Lucy and Nick-WEB VERSION 8004Lucy and Nick-WEB VERSION 8005


Lucy and Nick, I can’t wait for what’s in store next month…thank you for the pleasure of getting to know you better…I look forward to doing the same with your friends and family!


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Craig & Heather Engagement Session at Plymouths Royal William Yard

Engagement sessions are so much fun these days. When I was asked to photograph the wedding of Craig and Heather, I new it would be a fantastic day and a delight to photograph this lovely couple. Craig is a serving member of the Royal Navy who is quite a character, typical service banter came flowing. After discussing possible locations and the type of portraits they would like to have to announce their engagement, we all decidied that the Royal William Yard in Plymouth would be a perfect back drop. With its Naval conections and history this Grade 1 former Royal Naval victualling site comes alive at night with its many cafes, bars and restaurants.  I am so looking forward to their wedding which is in a few weeks time at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline, Fife.




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Zara and Steven Pre Wedding Engagement Photography Session.

I have known Zara and Steven for many years and it gives me great pleasure to be their wedding photographer next year when they both tie the knot at Forbes of Kinngennie Hotel and Golf Resort in Dundee. Steven is a keen golfer and admitted that the venue would be a great location for their engagement session photo shoot.

Zara who has recently graduated with the NHS is so excited about their special day that I have asked her to inform me of all the extra details that their having throughout their wedding. This I feel is essential as a photographer to ensure my photography plan is complete and their chosen wedding album is unique in every way.

The morning of the engagement session the weather was not so promising but we had a break in the clouds for the duration at the venue. The session had fun moments where Zara, Steven and their son Josh enjoyed themselves as a family playing on the putting green. Followed by getting lost and confused within the splendid maze.

This is a special family and I am so looking forward to their wedding and sharing the moments with them and creating a beautiful collection of visual memories for them.

WEB 20150715_0002

WEB DRP_6666

WEB DRP_6668

WEB DRP_6673

WEB DRP_couple portrait


Weddings and Bride Posing Guide

Being a UK professional wedding photographer, I have complete understanding of my cameras capabilities, lighting techniques and how to make my clients not only feel relaxed in front of the camera but to look good too.

I have created this blog to provide brides with inspiration in having elegant formal portraits with sophistication and classic style, how to pose correctly and understand the importance in selecting a photographer who has been professionally trained and can deliver beautiful natural yet directed photography for your unique day.

To spice up some of the traditional wedding portrait shots, the bride should consider having a few pre wedding photos normally after preparations at the brides home and before the ceremony. These can be achieved at either a suitable location such as a garden or even at your place of getting ready.

Below is a number of portraits of a model bride which explains simple poses and with attention to detail from the photographer can give stunning results. This session can be achieved in no more than 20 minutes depending on the experience of the photographer.

Amie Jayne 01

Being Asymmetric

By doing something different with each side of your body, you can dramatically change your shape and form and give a sense of mood to the finished photograph.

Most women tend to lean away from the camera instinctively, but by having your shoulders on a tilt towards the camera and your head looking away creates an elongated neck and more attractive style to a classic portrait.

Amie Jayne 09


When you want a far off, dreamy look and choose to have your subject look off camera, do not tell them to “look over there.” Give them an object that you to tell them to focus on so you can control their eye-line.

Amie Jayne 04

Endless variations are possible for posing in full height. This pose is just the starting point. Ask the model to slightly turn her body, change hand positioning, change head and eye directions etc.

Putting your weight on the back foot and turning your front leg knee creates a slimmer appearance. By turning your waist to the side on a position to the camera and have your shoulders square on this appearance reduces the waist dimensions and looks smaller.

Amie Jayne 16


The above image is an example of placement of the hands either on the side of the hip and the other hand touching a facial feature such as the tip of the chin. Again attention to detail on finger extension creates an elegant finish.

In portrait photography, hands are usually not visible or at least not dominant. However, you might get creative by asking the model to play around with her hands trying different positions around her head or face. Keep in mind, though: No flat palms, and the hands should only show their sides!

The placement of hands on your hips creates an illusion of a smaller waist. The naturally made holes between your arms and body frame create a background that should be out of focus (depending on camera operators lens choice and focal length) and removes emphasis from your shape.

Amie Jayne 08

The side of your hand is far attractive in photographs and creates the longest line extending from your arm. The extension of the fingers creates a more feminine appeal.Amie Jayne 06

Hands can be the most awkward part to posing for a bride. Normally holding a bouquet of flowers is the only thing a photographer can think of. I have deliberately photographed my model with out flowers in order to show you examples that can be elegant on their own.

Amie Jayne 07

Natural yet choreographed fixing necklace or earrings.Amie Jayne 14

 The effects of sunlight

A professional photographer will know the direction of natural light and where shadows will cast. This will affect the appearance of your face. Natural light is above us most of the day; by tilting your nose down may cause your brow bone to cast a shadow over your eyes.

Keeping your chin high reduces forehead and elongating your neck gives greater results and reduces the double chin effect. Pushing your head forward and maintaining the shoulders in line with the body also helps.

Amie Jayne 13

Smile it is your wedding day

It’s your wedding day and joy, emotion and laughter should be expressed continuously. However your facial expressions are hard to maintain and hold throughout the whole day of your wedding and being relaxed and comfortable with your photographer is essential to have natural portraits that just visually show how happy you are. These are choreographed, timeless moments and work well within the stunning collection of bride portraits that can be placed at the beginning of a wedding album.

Showing the venue Amie Jayne 19

The venue is an important location and should be photographed creatively. Having good composition and posing the bride correctly within the environment can work well. A full length portrait where particular time is spent on positioning the wedding dress in its true alignment is essential.

A close up within the vegitation which in this scene the colours of the leafs complimented the models hair colour perfectly.

Amie Jayne 17

Here is my typical selection of bride portraits.

A close up of face, hair and head wear giving great detail of make up and eyes.

A head and shoulders portrait perfect using natural window light

A three quarter portrait, emphasizing on the flowers.

A full-length portrait, looking over shoulder, perfect for capturing back of dress detail.

Looking down to bouquet of flowers and in her own moments and thoughts

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Derek also works with international models throughout the UK creating bespoke portfolios and conducts fashion portrait workshops providing tuition for inspiring photographers.

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Model: Amie Jayne Boulton

Hair and Makeup: Amie Jayne Boulton

Location: Cockington Court Devon

Stylist: Derek Ramage

Equipment: Nikon Creative Lighting System Off camera flashes SB910 and SU800 Commander and a D7100

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Photography Tuition: The use of Neutral Density Filters.

Creating photographs of waterfalls with slow shutter speeds can give great results. The main part of constructing the image is to reduce the shutter speed to about 1 – 2 seconds, this gives the effect of a cotton wool feel to the flow of water. Where your location might be one with high dynamic range ( high and lower tones combined) this can give your camera a hard time to detect which tones to work on for calculating exposure. The aim is not to overexpose the water so there is still detail within the water and not blowing out the highlights.

By using neutral density filters you can create slower shutter speeds for exposing for the foreground and water and balance with the ambient light and strong sunshine all together.

Here is an example of the steps i take when taking photographs of waterfalls.

Firstly I take an exposure, this is just to work on calculating the effect i desire with filters.


On such a sunny day the light was strong throughout the scene. So i increased my camera’s ISO and to maintain depth of field i maintained my aperture by reducing it to f18.

Camera settings: aperture f18, Shutter speed 1/60 and ISO 1000.

Now i want to capture the flow of water and create the scene with movement. To do this i need to expose for 1- 2 seconds. This is where the challenge is.


Camera settings: Aperture f22 Shutter Speed 2 sec, ISO 100

A 1 stop ND filter has been used.

As you can see from the image above the water is showing a nice effect of movement due to the slow shutter speed, however the mid ground and sky are over exposed. The foreground is slightly under exposed in my opinion.


Camera settings: Aperture f22 Shutter Speed 1.6 sec, ISO 100

Here i have added a 2 stop Colkin ND gradiant filter to the top of the image. This has reduced the amount of light entering the camera and I have dropped the shutter speed by a third which affects the ambient light and is not under exposed in the foreground. The water flow speed has not been effected to much and still happy with the result.


Adjusted in Adobe Lightroom where contrast, sharpening and cropped to the required print size.

Here are other images taken on the same day.

Location: Dartmoor National Park, Dewerstone River Plym.

river WEB 02


The River Plym is located North of Plymouth and is a source of water from Dartmoor National Park to the Plymouth Sound. It is also a great fly fishing location and  capturing the life of the river completes the story.

river fisherman 09

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