Engagement Session Portraits in Dundee

Kym and shaun’s romantic engagement session in Dundee.

I’ve always believed it’s essential for couples to enjoy an engagement photo session once they book me for their wedding. The majority of couples have never been photographed professionally before, so the engagement session is a big deal for them. It’s a simple way to establishing a relationship with me long before your wedding day. We will spend some time together, get to know each other, It’s a way for me to see how you interact with each other and see your individual personalities.

I took Kym and Shaun to the lovely Dawson Park, Dundee where the blossom trees where in full bloom. Enjoying the spring weather and having fun around the garden area. We then moved into the city towards the City quay and docks for a more urban feel. They were a great couple to work with and I’m so looking forward to their wedding later in the year, where we have the grounds of Arbroath Abbey for their family photographs.

It was great to create unique engagement photos and showcase their relationship together its wonderful to be given this privilege to have an insight into their lives.

I love to capture life’s fleeting and most cherished moments. I live for the memories that take your breath away and take you back to that perfect day.


Derek Ramage Photography is based in Arbroath and covers wedding photography throughout Scotland. Most notably known as a Dundee wedding Photographer, Arbroath wedding Photographer and Angus wedding Photographer in searches on line.

If you are planning your wedding for next year please feel free to contact me.

Tel 07886230927 or visit my official web site http://www.derekramagephotography.co.uk



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